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As bloggers, we need to undergo digital marketing internships. It is incredibly moving at a frightening speed. We need to be in the line, or else, we will be left behind. No matter how good we write, it is still useless because we need to have a stimuli. Every second, there are many blogs posted in the internet. Sometimes, it’s even hard to determine which of these are useful. If our main purpose is to inform them in good faith and not merely for business, then we should strive harder to be on the lead. We need to apply the best marketing strategies that could help us achieve our goals.

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The interesting, but frustrating, thing that happened to me began with a call from my daughter Friday, giving me an important business number to call for her tomorrow, Monday, as she hospitalized and undergoing surgery and would not be able to make the call herself. It is a call to her business associate to relate information she needs for a presentation she is scheduled to make Tuesday morning.

Today, while visiting my daughter, who was heavily sedated, but had emerged from surgery successfully, she managed to remind me of the call which I assured her was a “done deal.” After returning home, I went to get the number to put it on the refrigerator to be sure it would be handy tomorrow but I could not find it. I could not remember where I had put it.

Glad that I had plenty of time to search for it, I looked everywhere and after about an hour, felt an uncomfortable surge of panic. I backtracked everywhere in my house and looked even in places where I knew it could not possibly be. I decided to just sit down and calmed myself. I thought hard about where I could have placed it. There are only so many places I recall being and yet, I could not find it in those places. Then, I remembered something important. She had called when I was in the midst of eating. I had sat my plate aside to write down the information she was giving me. After hanging up with her, I put the note on top of the book shelf. Apparently, eager to get back to eating, I hastily placed it there and it had slipped behind the books.

When Improving Your Blog's Security

Improving your blog site is all about making sure that you are covering all of the basics, and security is among the most basic of all basics. You don't want to end up with a website that has all of this great content, is getting a ton of traffic but is incredibly vulnerable to all the things that make for a bad deal in terms of hacking. You have to remember that there are a lot of malicious people in the internet and they will steal and destroy if they can. One of the things that you can use to help with this issue is backconnect proxies.

These proxies will help you conduct your online activities with plenty of privacy, so you won't have to worry about hackers latching themselves to your connections when you are doing important things.

Today my daughter and I went to a community yard sale. She is in collage and is looking for items to fill her first apartment. The first few houses had a few small kitchen items (small food processor and a garlic press) which we purchased. She was also looking for a craft project to do during the summer.

After about 20 houses will found a house that had a nice paper cutter (new about $25) and A diamond electric knife sharpener, we purchased both for $6.00. The same house had a Oreck XL vacuum cleaner for sale for $4.00, The owner said that she had taken it to the Oreck store and they wanted a minimum of $60 just to look at it. She stated that something was stuck inside of it and she had already purchased a new one. This vacuum was in great shape and was less than 10 years old. So I bought it figuring that at worst I wasted $4.00.

Later we found a nice solid wood mahogany end table that needed some refinishing done on it. The table was marked at $2.50 which we snapped up quickly. As we were walking around with the table 3 or 4 people said how nice the table looked, One man even offered us $10.00 for it. We bought a few small items and headed home. Once we got home a started to look at the vacuum, within 20 minutes I has found the clog and repaired the vacuum. The vacuum is probably worth at least $125.

So our little trip was a successful one, we got a few small items for my daughters apartment, a very nice vacuum, She got a nice paper cutter and the end table which will be her and my summer project. The best part of the day was spending a nice morning with my 20 year old daughter, who is usually busy and doesn’t have a lot of free time.

Blogging remains important despite the increasing popularity of social media- whether it is just for fun or for a business. Due to the development of our technology, there are already numbers of ways on how to make our business successful. However, one of the best ways to increase website traffic is blogging. Not to mention, it makes a large number of people informed of the latest happening in any parts of the world. In fact, we can create more conversations that could bring unity to every individual. And since we focus on our niche, we could build our own authority figure.

Yes, we are all aware about the great benefits of blogging. Yet, we are not sure if we are doing it correctly. That is the reason why we should always learn how to start a blog since it is the stepping stone of our business. It makes our personality which connects us to our audience. Otherwise, our target market will not be able to identify us or acknowledge us because they do not even know that we are existing!

I went on a day trip to a city 200 miles away where I go about once a year to visit friends. On the drive there, I went through a mountainous region. I was coming around a curve and saw a big black thing moving in the middle of the road ahead of me. I could see that it was moving – I couldn’t tell what it was for a few more hundred feet.

Then I saw that it was a large black bear.

I saw a bear around this area once before, but it was on the side of the road, so I just drove by. This time, with the bear just in the middle of the narrow mountain road, I had no room to go around it, so I put my hazards on and tried to pull as far to the side of the road as I could, about 50 feet in front of the bear.

I didn’t want to be so close, but I was afraid of backing up on this curvy road with low visibility. I started to search for my phone with my right hand fishing in the passenger seat, keeping my eyes on the bear, which was just sort of pacing around in place.

I didn’t know who I would call, but it seemed like the thing to do, since I couldn’t do anything else. The bear had noticed my car approaching, and now seemed to be about as stunned as I was. As I was looking for my phone, it looked right at me and I froze completely. I sat there and got a good look in it’s eyes, and then it crossed to the side of the road, and went up the mountain. I watched it for a bit, and then remembered I was in a dangerous place to have my car just sitting there, so I finished my trip.



Today, I went on a hike to Mt. Granite with my very close childhood friend. Unfortunately, when the trail forked, we read the sign incorrectly and went the wrong way. We hiked towards Pratt Lake instead of Granite Mountain. It was a relaxing hike though, free from worries (although my friend liked to complain about her relationship problems, something that I suppose I am accustomed to already after knowing her for so many years). We hiked through muddy spots, jumped over rocks to cross over waterfalls and sometimes we took breaks so I could take pictures. It was pretty annoying though, since my pictures didn’t come out correctly when I had the camera in manual mode.

Eventually, when we were near the top of the mountain, there was snow. We were worried that it may have been too dangerous for us but we kept going another quarter of a mile until we lost track of the trail. I followed my friend closely but I suppose due to my heavier weight, my right leg fell through the snow. It was quite funny since my friend, for some reason, turned around at that moment to see my whole body plop down as my right leg became submerged in the snow. Luckily for me though, the snow was only a few feet deep and I could feel the ground below. She took pictures of the event so I could remember the stupid feat of mine and we had a great laugh about it.


I won at Sam’s!

I recently won an auction on Sam’s Club, on my first time bidding. I’ve had a Sam’s Club membership for a couple of years now but hardly ever go there or use it. I don’t pay the membership because it is the second card to my parent’s account so they use it more than I do and pay the fee.

I’ve been shopping for a new TV because I am moving to a new apartment and the TV I currently use is my roommates. I happened to be browsing Sam’s club looking for TV’s when I happened upon the auction link. I have never heard or seen this feature before so was a little intrigued. There were a lot of things going for decent prices and a lot that were selling very close to their normal price.

I scanned the pages for a good 30 minutes, when I happened to see a TV in my price range and the size I wanted. I looked on other websites to compare prices and it normally went for $500.00 and the current bid on Sam’s club was only $350.00I bid $351.00 thinking there was no way I would win. But to my surprise 40 minutes later I got an email saying I was the winner. It was really surprising to win especially on my first time bidding. I now tell everyone about the auction feature on Sam’s and cannot wait to get my new 42” Vizio that I got for $150 off!

After shipping and tax the total came to $407 which is still a great deal.


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